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Executive Relief

It almost seems people who reach senior positions are expected to be more than human.  Or less than human.  Anyway, somehow different to “real” people.

This is understandable to an extent.  The distinction between the managers or executives and the organisation they represent becomes blurred.  Suddenly, to a degree which increases with seniority, you are “them”, no longer “us”.  If someone needs to make an unpleasant decision, guess who it is?  And everyone knows it.

In fact, of course, senior people are as human as anybody, but it is not always possible to admit to human characteristics like being a little uncertain of the best way to proceed, or being short of time to devote to all the projects you’d like to forge ahead with.

And when you need some extra assistance, you cannot always turn to your staff; they have their own jobs to do and expect you to help, not unload your overflow.

The people you report to are likely to expect you to solve your own problems though, so what do you do when time presses?

There are two answers. 

*   One is to work longer hours.  Take papers home to read and review, use your home internet connection to catch up on office emails or research.  Spend “just an hour or two” of the weekend in the office, or arrive early and leave late.

*   The second answer, and superior answer, is Information Services Otago Limited’s Executive Relief. Discrete, experienced assistance as and when you need it, whether to help you get a new initiative under way, undertake a research project or product evaluation, or simply to be your eyes and ears in a “second place at once”.  You could think of it as a butler for your business.


The problem

The solution

I need more time, but it really needs to be my time, not a temp or consultant.

Executive Relief staff from Information Services Otago Limited will work with you to do what you’d do - just the way you’d do it yourself.

I’m always on the job.  I need a life!

Executive Relief can help you get your life back, while you do your job better.