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Research Respite

Finding out about almost anything nowadays is easy.  You just leap on to the Internet, do a search and – before you can say “leaping librarians” – you have just what you need.



What you will have is far more than you can use, and an indecipherable mixture of the useful, the useless and the plain inaccurate.

Paradoxically, the very tools – electronic databases and search engines – which make research so much easier for a trained information specialist, make it a bigger problem than ever for the average citizen who wishes to find out about a potential new market, or whether someone has already started selling their latest new product idea.

Relief is at hand though, with Research Respite from Information Services Otago Limited.

Research Respite is a service which takes the bulk out of your search results.

Tell us what you want to find out and we do the search for you – contacting libraries, research organisations and other sources to find the very latest and most accurate information for you.  (Yes, we even use the Internet!).

ISOtago’s information advisors are trained and qualified information professionals, with many years’ experience of interviewing clients to determine just what it is they need to find out, tracking down the best sources in almost any subject imaginable and producing concise yet comprehensive bibliographies and clear, thoughtful interpretations of the results.

The problem

The solution

I don’t know where to look for information I need.

Research Respite will find just what you need – and only what you need.

How on earth do I work out whether I can trust a source?

Research Respite advisors have spent years working out just how to do this.  They can do it for you.

What do I do when experts disagree, and I have to make a choice?

Research Respite can find out what the experts think, not just what they say in a particular article.  Sometimes, differing experts turn out to agree in fact.