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Documentation Delight

Clear, current documentation – or the lack of it - can make or break so many of your most important projects. 

*       ISO certification depends upon it

*       Staff training and induction cannot be complete and consistent without it

*       Instructions to contractors, consultants and other outsourcing providers require it

*       Systems (whether computerised or manual) development fails without it.


All over your organisation, things need to be correctly documented if the organisation is to operate to best effect.

But creating documentation is often one of the jobs no-one gets around to.  “Doing the job”, understandably, takes precedence over “documenting the job”.

Now there is a way to ensure your documentation is complete and current, without taking up time needed by your staff to “get the job done”.

 Documentation Delight, a service of Information Services Otago Limited, will create and maintain documentation on your behalf, with a minimum of effort on your part.  You could almost say doing your documentation becomes a delight!

 And our advisors have long and wide experience of documenting to ISO 9001 standards:


*       Procedures documentation

*       Technical systems documentation

*       User manuals and guides

*       Operating instructions


Why not make documentation a delight, not a dilemma?  Call ISOtago now.


The problem

The solution

We don’t have time to document our procedures.

Documentation Delight will do it for you – professionally and accurately.

Keeping our procedures up to date is the problem.

A Documentation Delight contract can periodically review and update your procedures documentation.

The people who know what to say are not very good at writing it down.

Documentation Delight advisors will talk with the people who know, then write up the necessary documents accurately, clearly and professionally.

Everyone who contributes to my documentation presents it differently, so I get documents which are inconsistent in style and degree of detail.

All documents produced under a Documentation Delight contract are the responsibility of a single advisor, so you get complete consistency, no matter how many of your staff need to contribute source material.