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Presentation Partner

How many seminars or demonstrations have you attended, where faults in the presentation made a greater impression than the product or service you went to learn about?

How many brochures, flyers, pamphlets, newsletters, advertisements or posters have you come across which are memorable for their howlers rather than their product or service?

Good messages are so often overshadowed by poor presentation.  At best it distracts.  At worst, it discourages the very people someone wants to impress.

For example, people really remember:

*  An inept or untrained presenter

*  Ineffective presentation equipment

*  Equipment failure

*  Inappropriate room for the purpose or poor use of space in the room

*  Being bored


*  Spelling errors

*  Grammatical errors

*  Unhelpful layout of printed material

*  Incorrect references

*  Feeling out of their depth or confused

 In every case, someone has spent money to give the wrong impression.  It would be better to do nothing!

 It need not happen to you

 Of course, not everyone can be expert at everything.  As a specialist in your own field, you cannot hope to be well versed in all aspects of presentation and publishing.  Thats where Presentation Partner comes in Presentation Partner gives you as much or as little help as you need, so your presentations and publications are remembered for all the right reasons.


The problem

The solution

Id love to arrange a presentation for our clients, but dont know where to start.

Presentation Partner can organise everything but the content.  You tell us what you want to say and we can arrange how to say it.  The venue, the equipment, the visual aids, the lot.  If you wish, well even help you make the presentation.

My existing presentation is great, but Id like to make it just a little more professional.

Presentation Partner will review your presentation and suggest how it may be made even better anything from reworking your overheads to coaching you in presentation skills.

I want to publish a newsletter for prospects, clients or staff but dont have the time.

Presentation Partner will do the whole job for you from writing the stories to arranging printing and distribution.

I already produce newsletters and brochures, but I know they sometimes have spelling and grammatical errors in them.

Presentation Partner will proof-read your script and make it ready for the meanest critic.

I worry about the costs of promotion.

If you cant justify the Presentation Partner fee for a first class job, how do you justify the cost of a poor one?