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Every organisation has its share of drudgery which must be performed each day, each week or each month.  Repetitive, uninteresting jobs which offer no interest to the people doing them, add nothing extra to the bottom line, but without which you simply couldn’t function.

Worst of all perhaps, are those chores which are done only infrequently; - just long enough apart for everyone to have forgotten exactly how they did it last time in fact!

Office automation software, for example word processing and spreadsheet applications, show the way to drastically reducing the time taken on many of these administrative chores.  A lot of organisations are using such tools to good effect, but in most cases, there is more to be done.  And the good news is that it can be done with computers and software already in use in most offices.

Information Services Otago’s staff has a successful history of identifying opportunities to save hours, even in offices where confident users are making greater than normal use of their office automation software.

One recent example involved an office manager who, each month, entered a summary of key performance indicators into a spreadsheet, a task which took her half a day each month..  Automation Aid reduced this to a half-minute job.



And automated procedures are not subject to human error.  Once your automation aid is working the way you need it to, it will work for ever.  It’ll never be distracted by the host of things which distract humans and introduce error.   Doesn’t need to answer the telephone or a counter query, it doesn’t have a family to worry about and it doesn’t get bored with mind-numbing, repetitive work. 

The problem

The solution

We don’t have time for new initiatives

Automation Aid makes time.

We spend a lot of time reconciling things which shouldn’t need it.

Automation Aid removes the human factor from the very tasks which are most likely to suffer from inattention to detail.  It gets it right, first time, every time.

We always have trouble remembering how to do some six-monthly or annual tasks.

Automation Aid has the current procedure built in.  How it was done last year is the only way it knows – unless you have changes or choices built in.  True consistency with no hassles.

We’d love to use a spreadsheet to analyse data from our management and financial systems, but we don’t have time to key in the data every month.

Automation Aid can load data from almost any computerised source into a spreadsheet in next to no time.  You’ll be able to keep your spreadsheet up to date hour by hour if you  wish.

Letters to our customers, suppliers or other contacts are produced by our main business system and it’s a real bother getting them altered.

Automation Aid lets you load names, addresses and other details from most computer systems into your word processing package.  Changes are a breeze then.